Lubricant: Types of Lubricant, How to choose the best Lubricant?

Lubricant: Types of Lubricant, How to choose the best Lubricant?

Sexual partners around the world may need to use a lubricant in order to spice up their sex life.Our bodies tend to be different. It is for this reason that lack of lubrication can lead to pain and discomfort during intercourse. Lubricants are the easiest way to overcome discomfort and add some playfulness and intimacy to our sex lives.In this article we will look at a Lubricant,Types of Lubricant,How To use lubricant,Choose best Lubricant


What is a lubricant?

A lubricant or lube, as is commonly referred to, is an organic substance, a liquid or a gel that women or even male partners apply during sexual intercourse to make the vagina, vulva, penis or the anal area wetter. The lubricant is a sexual accessory that helps to avoid friction and soreness that may occur during sexual intercourse.
Lubricants can be used for a sexy massage, anal intercourse, masturbation and blow job.

Types of lubricant :-

There are a variety of lubricants to choose from,however, in this article we will look at the three major types of lubricants.

1. Water- based lubricants :-

These are the most common types of lubes. They are usually made in a way that they mimic the body’s natural lubrication. Water based lubricants are easy to clean up. They have no taste and usally feel like natural lubricants. They are also less likely to irritate the skin because water is alkaline. Their compatibility with sex toys makes them a perfect choice. However, they are not good at the shower because they easily wash off.Not to forget that these types of lubes are budget friendly.

2. Silicone- based lubricants :-

These types of lubricants are hypoallergenic meaning they are most likely to cause an allergic reaction. The good thing with these lubes is that they last longer than the common water- based lubricants. They do not dry out quickly because the silicone molecules are large and therefore can not easily be absorbed into the skin. They are also safe to use with condoms. Silicone lubes are not to be used with silicon sex toys since they break down the silicone surface. They also contain glycerin which may irritate some users.

3. Oil-based lubricants :-

Oil based lubricants can easily be found around the house. These types of lubricants however are not safe to use especially with condoms. The reason is because they make the latex used to make condoms porous and wear out. In as much as the oils are good for masturbation and massage, it is very oily- This makes it hard to was off.

How to use a lubricant?

First time users are especially at a loss on how to use lubes. It is advisable to keep the lubricant near the bed or where it can easily be reached.

How To use Lube
How To use Lube

•Start out by using a little bit of lubricant especially if it’s your first time.

• If using fingers or hands, put a small amount of the lube at the palm of the hand.

•Rub the lube to avoid a cold shock and then apply to your body or your partner’s body. Touch the genitals with the lubricant and the toys if you are using sex toys.

• If the lube dries up, it is not recommended to apply more, one can just apply saliva or even water to rejuvenate the lubricant that was previously applied.

• It is further advised to have a spray bottle besides the bed and use it to add spritzes of water when the lube dries up.

How to choose the best lubricant :-

choose the best lubricant
choose the best lubricant

Finding the perfect lubricant is all about individual tastes and preferences. When choosing the right lubricant for you and your partner then one should ask these questions.

1. Are either of you sensitive?

2. Are you using sex toys?

3. Is it anal sex?

4. Is it oral sex?

5. Is the lube for vaginal use?

6. Is the lube budget friendly?

It is imperative to remember that: 

√If a user is prone to yeast infections then it is strongly advisable to avoid lubricants with glycerin.

√Silicone lubricants should not be used with silicone sex toys.

√ Sex toys should be used with thicker lubricants.

√Users with sensitive skin should avoid Parabens.

√ For oral use choose lubricants with flavour and those whose flavours best appeal to you and your partner.

√ For anal sex it is best to use thicker and long lasting lubricants.

√ Vaginal lubricants should be free of glycerine and parabens.

√ Choose lubes that are pocket friendly while at the same time guarantee the full sexual experience.


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